Carrying our Ancestors Home

三升体育投注-即时比分Carrying Our Ancestors Home, a project founded by UCLA’s American Indian Studies Center and the Fowler Museum under the directorship of Dr. Mishuana Goeman and Dr. Wendy Teeter, seeks to illuminate previously unengaged practices and infrastructure behind the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and how Native people regard various aspects of the law, and the work they do to enact and enforce it. To achieve this goal, we have collaborated with native cultural practitioners, tribal members, professionals, and academics in the Southern California area in our creation of a digital educational resource webpage about repatriation of ancestral remains and cultural items. We have produced original materials in the form of short educational videos engaging various understandings what repatriation looks like from the perspective of tribal practitioners, institutional managers of NAGPRA, and those working on legal compliance. We are grateful for our UCLA sponsors: UCLA American Indian Studies Center, the Fowler Museum at UCLA, UCLA Institute of American Cultures, Vice Chancellor of Research Roger Wakimoto, and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott L. Waugh as well as Tribal partners from across the world, we are developing an online educational resource about repatriation.

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