Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project (PCIAP)

三升体育投注-即时比分Santa Catalina Island is an important hub for the intermingling of people and the exchange of ideas and objects. Surrounded by rich marine and lithic resources, Island people were contributors to an extensive trade network throughout southern California and the Southwest.

The Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project was created with Desiree Martinez, Cindi Alvitre, Wendy Teeter, and Karimah Kennedy Richardson to utilize the best scientific and indigenous knowledge and practices to better understand the history of this amazing island and the people that lived there for over 8,000 years.The project has included a field school that has trained over 90 students with a practical working knowledge of survey, excavation, lab and cataloging methods as well as the application of cultural resource and environmental law and policies within a land conservancy. All this happens while being immersed in cultural history with lectures given by local experts, Tongva tribal members, and research professionals.

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