Request a Research Visit

How to request a visit

The Fowler Museum at UCLA supports research activities within the UCLA community as well as researchers from other universities, tribal communities, cultural resource management companies, and other qualified researchers. To request a research visit, please send the following information to Wendy Teeter, the Curator of Archaeology at, and Sedonna Goeman-Shulsky, the Archaeology Collections Manager at

  • Name, title, and institution
  • A research description or proposal (at least a paragraph). Please describe your project, including when possible
    • Collection type (archaeological, historic)
    • Geographic location(s)
    • accession number(s)
    • site number(s)
    • objects name(s)
  • A brief CV (if you haven’t worked with the Fowler Museum before)
  • Preferred visit dates during non-holiday work days between (9am-5pm)at least a month in advance (please provide multiple options)

三升体育投注-即时比分Requests for original photography or publication of photographs from the museum’s collection will be considered separately.

Access Fees

Group 1

Fees are waived for the following visitors:

  • Current UCLA faculty, students, and qualified staff members
  • Tribal and descendent communities, and associated qualified researchers
  • Campus-approved post-doctoral and visiting scholars

Group 2

No fees for up to 5 days per calendar year, fee of up to $120 per day thereafter.

  • Non-UCLA graduate students pursuing graduate research at an accredited institution of higher education
  • Non-UCLA qualified academic researchers
  • Qualified educators seeking instructional content for K-12 students
  • Qualified researchers from recognized non-profit organizations
  • Qualified self-funded independent researchers

Group 3

三升体育投注-即时比分Fee of $50 per hour for CRM-related or government agency research.

  • Employees of cultural resource management firms
  • Employees of local, state, and federal government agencies
  • Employees of commercial or for-profit organizations

Additional fees

  • Visitors requiring staff to conduct extensive research ahead of a visit may incur additional charges of up to $50 per hour
  • Visits requiring extensive time to pull and rehouse objects may incur additional charges.
  • Visitors in Groups 2 and 3 who make reservations with less than six weeks’ notice will be charged an additional one day’s fees.

三升体育投注-即时比分The collections manager will estimate fees for each visitor, and the balance is due prior to the visit. Payment can be made by bankers check made out to the “Regents of the University of California.” No refunds will be granted.

三升体育投注-即时比分All revenue of these fees will be dedicated to visit-related operating costs and conservation supplies at the Curator of Archaeology’s discretion. Should the required fees prove a hardship, the Museum Director or their designated proxy may waive or reduce the fees. These accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Research Policies

The Fowler Museum at UCLA does not allow destructive analysis on any NAGPRA eligible or potentially NAGPRA eligible items unless a written approval letter is received from culturally affiliated tribe(s). Requests for such analysis will otherwise be denied.

Research requests for studying NAGPRA eligible collections may require an accompanying letter from the appropriate tribal nation. Additional guidance will be provided by museum staff when necessary.

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